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our job is to capture beauty. your family, your business, and yourself. the things you love – we help immortalize it.

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our studio, our equipment, our staff, our time, our energy – all of it is here for you.

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we wouldn’t do it if we didn’t love it. our clients become our friends. be one of them.

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lucy and leif

We took off too late on a Friday afternoon, speeding across the UP, even picking up a bridesmaid along our way, got lost, got lost again in a maze of cornfields, and finally ended up in the straight-out-of-a-movie Northfield Minnesota. Where is Northfield? It is just south of Minneapolis, and home to St. Olaf college […]

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Jesse Landjournalist, Michigan Mitten
Picture scantily clad models, a tattooed office staff, and a world class photographer with thousands of dollars of photo equipment jet-setting around the country for “work.” You’re probably imagining some dream world from New York or L.A., right? Well, prepare to have your mind blown, my friend, because I have first hand experience with this edgy band of outsiders, called Brockit. This Michigan photography crew hails from Houghton, way up in the Upper Peninsula, and if you’ve never heard of them you need to go check them out right now.
Emma Seiplebride
When I first stumbled across brockit’s page, I immediately fell in love with ALL of their photography. I decided within 24 hours that I NEEDED to have their services on my wedding day (and I was considering booking a friend of a friend to save money…what a joke). I feel so THANKFUL and fortunate that they were available and willing to participate in mine and my now husbands big day. While first viewing their photos I had only hoped mine would turn out even close to as amazing as the ones I had seen….. I think they turned out even better (no offense to the rest of them). hehe. :) THANK YOU BROCKIT TEAM!!! So glad I stumbled across your page and so happy to have met you wonderful people. :) xo

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